Welcome to Fusion

Breakfast Buffet at S19 Hotel Al Jaddaf


 Only @AED 35 / Before @AED 55

Where our kitchens meet your tastes

Fusion Restaurant at the S19 Hotel is one of the top restaurants in al Jaddaf, designed with the aim of catering to your food needs, when you need it, whenever you need it. One of the handful of al Jaddaf restaurants offering all-day dining, Fusion is set to match your varied culinary requirements. Our menu caters to different lifestyles whether vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, meat-based, macro diets, traditional, multicultural and many more.

Food connects us

Fusion restaurant at S19 Hotel has a menu with a wide range of options that ensures that all culinary tastes are satisfied.

For our hotel guests, we are here to ensure that your stay with us is peaceful and happy without any worries about food.

For our local patrons, we are your window to a whole culinary experience.

                                                     Timings : 7AM – 10AM

                    Breakfast Buffet Price : Now AED 35 Only / Before AED 55

Food is health

At S19 Hotel, al Jaddaf we are committed to your health and safety. Fusion restaurant is simply an extension of this commitment. Healthy, freshly-made food available to you all day, every day.

What’s on the menu?

An irresistible array of local and international dishes made from responsibly sourced and the freshest ingredients possible.

Cold and hot beverages all day

From freshly pressed fruit juices, to your early morning antioxidant-rich mixed fruit delights to mocktails, to milk shakes, breakfast smoothies, anytime smoothies, canned soft drinks and much more…

Sip on a delicious cup of masala chai to energize your day or enjoy a leisurely Turkish coffee or a mochaccino.

Breakfast spreads for an energetic start

Or any time of the day, really

Kickstart your day with our carefully put together breakfast selection. From the protein and fiber packed ful medames to hearty parathas to hot pancakes drizzled with golden maple syrup and a side of butter, to croissants and coffee, we have a whole range of breakfast dishes to energize your day. If you are light breakfaster, you can always choose from our selection of toasts and cereals.

Don’t miss our daily Breakfast Buffet!

Looking for more?

Look no further…

Fusion restaurant is one the premiere restaurants in al Jaddaf offering a whole range of healthy and multicultural food. The restaurant offers a whole range of soups, salads, sandwiches, wraps, burgers and pizzas to ensure that every food craving is catered to. We also offer the best Friday brunch menu and prices.

Guest comfort is our goal

Whether you are heading out to a full day of work or a full day of leisure, Fusion is always open to ensure that when you come back, you can order up a meal of your choice. If you need help with packing food for your children or yourself, our staff is ever ready to help you with that as well. Whether it is a corporate lunch or dinner with friends and family or simply an order for room service, Fusion restaurant is here to make your experience the most memorable culinary experience.